JV/XP Patches Download

Patches Categories
Category Arrangement Description
Bass Bass electric or acoustic bass
Bass Effect electric or acoustic bass with effects
Bass Synth 202 Bass with main waveform: MC-202
Bass Synth Saw Bass with main waveform: ...saw...
Bass Synth Syn Bass with main waveform: mini bs, syn bass
Bass Synth Sine Bass with main waveform: ...sine..., ...triangle...
Bass Synth Other Bass which does not belong to other group
Bells Bells Bells without effects
Brass Brass Natural brass
Brass Synth Brass with synth waveform
Brass Synth Saw Brass with only synth waveform (usual: Saw, D50, JP, MKS, P5)
Choir Choir Aah and Ooh waveform only
Clarinet Clarinet Natural clarinet
Clavinet Clavinet Clavinet, cembalo, harpsicord (main waveform: clav)
Drums Drumset Drum kit for rhythm section of the JV/XP
Effects Effects Shot, applause, bird, telephone, wind, jet etc.
Effects Synth Synthesized effects (not chromatic)
Effects Seq Rhythmic sequence of several tones (not chromatic)
Effects Synth Chromatic Synthesized effects (chromatic)
Effects Seq Chromatic Rhythmic sequence of several tones (chromatic)
Flute Flute Natural flute
Flute Composite Flute with other instruments
Flute Bagpipe Bagpipe (main waveform: chanter)
Flute Synth Flute with synth waveform: sine, triangle, pulse, square, saw
Flute Shaku Shakuhashi main
Flute Blown Pan flute and waveform: blow
Glass Glass Glass (usual waveform: fine wine)
Guitar Guitar Acoustic Nylon Nylon string guitar
Guitar Acoustic Steel Steel string guitar
Guitar Distortion electric guitar with distortion or overdrive
Guitar E Clean electric guitar clean
Guitar Effect Guitar effects (scratch, flageolet, sequences etc.)
Guitar Ethnic String instruments from other countries (sitar, banjo etc.)
Guitar Mute Guitar with stopped strings
Guitar Synth Synthetic guitar (waveform: syn guitar, synth clav, wirestring)
Harmonica Harmonica Accordion, harmonica
Harp Harp Natural harp
Hit Hit Hit orchestral
Horn Horn Horn (basson, trombone, horn etc.)
Oboe Oboe Natural oboe
Orchestra Orchestra Orchestra sound (usual strings+horn+brass+percussion)
Organ Organ Organ sound (hammond etc.)
Organ Pipe Church organ
Pad Pad Bell Pad with bell (usual: electric piano, fantasy, bell, glass)
Pad JP Pad with main waveform: ...JP...
Pad Other Pad which does not belong to other group
Pad Vox Pad with voices (Aah, Ooh)
Pad Vox Bell Pad with voices and bell
Pad Vox Warm Pad (soft) with voices (soft attack)
Pad Warm Pad (soft) (soft attack)
Percussion Percussion Percussion (not chromatic)
Percussion Chromatic Percussion (chromatic)
Piano Piano Acoustic Natural piano
Piano Acoustic Effects Natural piano with effects
Piano E Electric piano
Sax Sax Saxophone
Split Split At least 2 instruments are assigned to the keyboard
Strings Strings Natural strings
Strings Synth Strings (main) with synth waveform
Synth Synth Other Synth which does not belong to other group
Synth Pulse Synth with main waveform: pulse
Synth Saw Synth with waveform: saw (only)
Synth Saw Lead Synth with waveform: saw (only) (monophonic)
Synth Saw Composite Synth with main waveform: saw and other sounds
Synth Saw Composite Lead Synth with main waveform: saw (monophonic)
Synth Sine Synth with waveform: sine and triangle
Synth Square Synth with waveform: square
Synth Acid Synth with acid music style timbre
Synth Hit Synth with short impact