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Over time, my collection grows...

In the search for good patches for the JV-1080, you tend to find copies of known patches which have simply been re-sorted. New sounds are scattered around the 'net and it is a laborious job to collect them. On this page I offer these patches which I've collected in system exclusive (SysEx) format, as well as a couple of other data types, which should allow you to download them in a fairly small file sizes. I have auditioned each patch and discarded the garbage. Please note that the categories may not be totally accurate as I haven't made this a major priority.

I use Juergen Mossgraber's freeware program ChangeIt! to handle SysEx data for the JV-1080. I sequence with Cakewalk. My midi master keyboard is the Roland A-30. For mixing I use the VM-3100 digital mixer. The interface cards in my PC are the M-Audio DIO-2448 and the Soundblaster Live by Creative Labs. With this equipment you can do almost anything, and a music loving amateur can get quite impressive results. But, naturally, there is always something which you want to change, and you'll probably never be completely content.

My first foray into composition and arrangement can be heard in the MP3 file: miles.mp3 (3,55 MB). (Player: WinAmp). This instrumental was developed in a day and I lay no claim to a perfect mix or arrangement (nevertheless I find it very pleasant). This piece served primarily to test me and my equipment.

I gratefully accept any suggestions or comments. Have you further patches for me..... . . . . ?

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