JV/XP Patches Download




For which Synth are these patches?


JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80. The models JV80 and JV90 can only use these patches with a 'trick'. See point 2.



How do I use those patches with the JV80 and JV90?


Each patch must be written into the temporary memory individually and from there can be stored in the user memory of the synth. In addition you need a program such as ChangeIt, which permits the data to be written into the temporary memory. If you have ChangeIt the best file type to use is *.clb. With each click on a patch, these are immediately send into the temporary memory. In this instance the user memory is not overwritten. Nevertheless I recommend saving the user memory before attempting this operation.



I do not have a PC, however my synth has a floppy disk drive. How do I use it?


These drives read only *.svd or *.mid files. The files with the endings syx and clb cannot be read. Copy the *.mid files to a floppy and 'play' them in the JV/XP like a song. (!!! The user memory will be overwritten !!!)



My stored sounds in the JV/XP disappeared after transmitting.


When transmitting patches into the JV/XP the user memory is overwritten! Before sending patches, save the user memory to a floppy or hard disk.



Does ChangeIt have to be used?


Any program which can handle system exclusive bulk dumps, should able to transmit *.syx files to the synth.



What are the *.syx, *.clb and *.mid file formats for?


Bulk dump from synth. Contains 1 user bank with patches, but no performances, rhythm or system data. Can be transmitted with appropriate software such as ChangeIt to the JV/XP.


Exclusive format for ChangeIt containing a complete data base with all patches from a group.


Song format, (containing no actual key information), with system exclusive (SYX) data embedded. When you play the patches it will overwrite the user memory of the synth. (For use with floppy drive in synth or from external sequencer)



Where do the JV/XP models differ?


The technical specifications vary too much to discuss here. The best source is Roland's homepage: http://www.rolandcorp.com



How do I use the PC with the patches?


Connect the MIDI OUT (sound card or midi interface) and the MIDI IN of the JV/XP model with a midi cable. For sound cards without midi connectors, you usually use the joystick port with an appropriate midi breakout cable. In the SysEx program open one *.syx file and select the menu option "send". Users without a PC can use the *.mid files and 'play' the data in from their sequencer. In this way, the user memory is overwritten with the new patches! All ChangeIt users can use the *.clb files.



Which expansion board do I need for the patches?


At present all available patches are usable without expansion boards. There will be a separate category for patches utilizing the waveforms onboard the various expansion boards.



Which program is suitable best for the handling and transmitting patches?


ChangeIt! (Freeware!)



At startup the program announces: "Error opening MIDI out device"


The PC midi interface does not support running multiple simultaneous midi applications. All other applications using the midi interface must be closed. After this, the program should function smoothly.



How do I save my user memory?


Connect the MIDI IN (sound card or midi interface) and the MIDI OUT of the JV/XP model with a midi cable. For the sound cards without midi connectors, you usually use the joystick port with an appropriate midi breakout cable. Open the menu option "Receive" in ChangeIt. After inputting the file name you can select which data you wish to receive from JV/XP. It's not necessary to operate anything on the synth. With a sequencer you simply start record and select the menu option of the JV/XP "Utility / Bulk dump". The data will be recorded into the sequencer.



I can't be held responsible for damage caused by inappropriate use. All files were tested with my equipment and functioned normally. Regardless of how you intend to use the software, please save your user memory to floppy or hard disk first!!! The use of the patches causes the permanent overwriting of the user memory!!!




I gratefully accept any suggestions or comments.